UBS currently has almost 250 students during the year, with a maximum capacity each term of about 120 students. The facilities have had to stay up with the increase from 8 students when it began.

We host students from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and DRC. We are privileged to hear reports of how God is working in so many places around eastern Africa. The safe and tranquil setting of the campus is conducive to study and refreshing.

The campus accommodates a semi-residential student program. While attending four week terms, the students share dorm room facilities–each for men or for women– and wash rooms. An ever growing library is a resource for students and faculty, and maintained by our degreed librarian. A computer lab is used by all program levels to learn basic computer use and to type research papers. Six classrooms accommodate the students, with occasional sessions under the mango tree.