Masters of Theological Studies

This degree is earned in conjunction with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the U.S. Although classes are held on the Jinja campus, the tuition, credit hours and final diploma are through Southeastern.

This degree is available to international students with a B.Th. or an equivalent approved degree, and is being made available to a select group of UBS graduates as well as other approved candidates in order to train current or future faculty members for that institution. Transcript or documentation of all post-secondary coursework must be provided. All other requirements for international student admission to the Seminary must be met.

The next cohort is scheduled for 2019.  Please keep an eye on this page for future announcements.

Our current MTS Cohort began on 9 November 2015.  Term One will run from 9 – 21 November 2015.  Term Two will run from 21-25 March 2016.

There will be sixteen courses.  Each Course will cost $300 plus $25 for book fees.  The courses and book fees altogether will cost $5,200.  Graduation fees and miscellaneous costs will be around $800. The Total Cost of the MTS Program will be approximately $6,000.  These fees will be paid by the student on a per term basis – $650 for the two courses.

For more details please see the Program Description.

For those meeting the educational and financial requirements, there are two options to complete the Application.  First, you can fill out the application on a computer, save the file with your name and then email the completed form to and  You will also have to make make sure your recommendations are completed and emailed or posted to the below address.  Second, you can print and complete the application documents by hand.  After completion then post the application to one of the following addresses:

Uganda Baptist Seminary

P.O. Box 2203

Jinja, Uganda

or to

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Office of Admissions

P.O. Box 1889

Wake Forest, NC 27588-1889

Note: The previous application was an On-Line Only Application.  For those who completed this on-line application, please email us at and so that we can confirm that your application has been received.  Thank you.

Here is the tentative program schedule for the MTS:

Term 1: 9-21 November 2015

MIS5100 Christian Missions (intensive) – Dr. Ewart

EVA5100 Evangelism: Nature & Practice (intensive) – Dr. Ewart

Term 2: 21-25 March 2016

THE6110 Theology 1 (intensive) – Dr. Hildreth

ETH5100 Christian Ethics (videos) – Dr. Jones (Jan-May 2016)

Term 3: 4-9 July 2016

PHI5100 Christian Philosophy (intensive) – Dr. Shelton

Biblical Counseling (videos) – Dr. Williams (May-August 2016)

Term 4: 7-12 November 2016

HIS5110 Church History 1 (intensive) – Dr. Jarvis

IND7521 MTS Research Project – Dr. Ewart

Term 5: March-April 2017

HIS5130 Baptist History (intensive) – Dr.  Jarvis


Term 6:  August 14-19 2017

CED6660 Leadership, Culture, Context (intensive) – Dr. Ewart

BTI5100 Hermeneutics (videos) – Dr. Akin


Term 7:

November 13-8 2017

THE6120 Theology 2 – Dr. Hildreth

THE6130 Theology 3 – Dr. Hildreth

Term 8: March  19-24 2018 

CED6510 Learning Theories and Applications – Dr. Coley

Program completed


For those of you interested in sponsoring a student for the MTS program please send your information and the details of the student you wish to sponsor to both and SEBTS will provide further instructions on the best way to connect you to your student.