Tuition Rates

We want to remind everyone that every student receives a scholarship at UBS. Our partners around the world pay up to 85% of the costs for every student. The tuition that students pay covers only a small portion of the actual costs required to study at UBS.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. We do not anticipate further increases after 1 January 2018.

Changes for 1 June 2017


Current Tuition                       New Tuition

Certificate:                              150,000/=                                200,000/=

Diploma:                                   200,000/=                                250,000/=

Bachelors:                               300,000/=                                400,000/=



Changes for 1 January 2018

Tuition after 1 June 2017            New Tuition

Certificate:                              200,000/=                                 250,000/=

Diploma:                                   250,000/=                                 300,000/=

Bachelors:                               400,000/=                                 500,000/=