Bachelors of Theology

The Bachelors of Theology is a three year Degree course. It is fully accredited by the National Council of Higher Education of Uganda. It requires eleven, one-month terms.


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The objectives of the Bachelor of Theology programme are as follows:

  1. Instruct students through word and deed that the Bible is not only useful for knowledge but also should be a transformative instrument in the lives of our students and their communities.
  2. Train and expose our students in the various methods of theological interpretation both current and historical. We desire to assist our students to be able to sift through and correctly interpret the ever increasing complexity of our world today. Our students should be able to apply their instruction to benefit their church members, neighbours and organizations.
  3. Shape the students to be effective and practical in meeting the needs and issues found in their respective communities.
  4. Through theoretical and practical instruction we intend to produce proficient practitioners of the ministry of the gospel.

By the end of the programme successful students will attain these outcomes:

  1. Relate acquired biblical exposition and apply it to one’s own personal life, ministry and associates.
  2. Analyze, interpret and correctly evaluate current thought in the theological world, and make use of their acquired knowledge in answering the perplexing questions of their church members, neighbours and organizations.
  3. Investigate and identify issues in their churches and communities and apply relevant counseling with the pursuant appropriate outcomes.
  4. Illustrate relative proficiency in the practice and verbal communication of the tools and skills learned while under instruction.


 The minimum requirement for entry into the Bachelor of Theology programme is either:

1. A UACE with two principles at one sitting plus a UCE with five passes at one sitting.


2. A Diploma Award from an accredited institution.